Here's how to find cheap flights in South Africa

If you are traveling in South Africa and need to find a cheap flight within South Africa, it is easy if you follow some basic rules. It gets pretty busy between the major cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, so flights are booked really fast, so it's best to check out all the low cost airlines serving these destinations.

Here are a few tips to get a cheap flight within South Africa and still find a seat:

1. The best way to get a cheap flight to Cape Town or Johannesburg is to research and check all the sites that allow you to make a reservation. There is no way to get the best price all the time – the only way to get cheap flights is to make sure you check as many sites as possible

2. There are basically three types of flight websites that you can check for the lowest flight ticket.

· aggregators that check fares for many different airlines, but I have noticed that the prices of these sites are usually higher than the airlines own website as they only allocated a certain number of seats.

· Traditional booking engines who check more sites and charge a small fee in addition to the cost of the flight. They process the sales on behalf of the airline and keep the fee.

· The airline's own websites – These usually offer the cheapest airfares, but it makes sense to check the other sites for an indication of what you have to pay.

3. If you try not to travel on a Monday or Friday – these are usually the busiest times and when most business people travel. Here are some airlines that need to be checked when flying within South Africa.

4. Always state that you want the lowest available fare – sites allow you to search within a few days, increasing the chance of the cheapest flight available.

5. If you see a great deal, book it right away – flight prices are based on demand and supply, so the more likely the faster the flight takes up, the more likely it is that prices will rise.

6. Also consider cancellation fee – the cheaper the flight, the less likely you are to get a refund if you miss your flight and pay a surcharge if you need to change your flight.

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