Get the best travel deals in this poor economy

What can be good about this bad economy? You can find some incredible travel deals! Businesses have problems and are struggling for your travel business. This means that they are willing to offer good deals, making this one of the best times to travel.


Even if you don't normally negotiate, it's never bad to ask. Prices listed on websites and brochures are not always the best available prices. Ask if there is a better price or an upgrade. You may not get a lower price, but you can negotiate a free upgrade. The more eager a company is to sell out, the more they will be able to negotiate.

Do you have something to do? Some companies will work with commerce, so if you have a product or service they want, you may be able to trade it for their product or service.

travel Discounts

No matter where you are going, ask for discounts! Restaurants, hotels, car rentals, even activity tables offer regular discounts. Sometimes companies send the discounts they accept but not always. If you have a group or family, ask for a group rate. Ask about student, senior and military discounts. Mention the membership you have. A company can work with you and give you something just because you asked.

Also check with the concierge and reception at your hotel or hostel. Concierges and the front desk constantly work with restaurants, spas and activity tables and can often give you a discount.

flight offers

Sometimes airfare is the most expensive part of your holiday, so it's great to save money here. You do not have to buy a return ticket from the same as the airline. With so many online travel sites, sometimes mixing and matching can save you money. One airline may have a better appointment or schedule, and another airline will have the better appointment or schedule coming home.

Hotel offers

You have many hotel options from expensive resorts to budget hotels. Sometimes you get the best deals by calling the hotel directly. Sometimes the best deals are online. Take the time to look around. Please note what is included in the price. For just a little more, you may be able to get free breakfast or free internet access or other perks.

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