A Hotel is A Hotel, right?


I recently moved to another country. And no, not a non-English speaker, and not one who had never been there before, that’s another topic for another article. I traveled to England and for the first time since then, I stayed in a hotel and not with relatives or friends. This hotel was in a big city, close to train stations and main attractions, and a nice clean room. That said, I noticed some differences from staying in typical North American hotels.

The first was that the room used up all of its space really well. There was a place for everything and everything was in its place. Instead of a headboard, they wore youthful printed pieces of art that doubled as a headboard and visual focus of the room.

Since I was switching from one electrical voltage to another, I brought an adapter connector with me, but I found that I didn’t need to charge my phone as I could just use the charging station on the wall. But here’s something I found strange, the bathroom was divided from the main living room space only by a sliding glass door. It didn’t block and it didn’t even reach all the way to the wall, so there was always a gap. In North America we are trained to go to the bathroom, lock the heavy wooden door, lock it and then follow our business. Not so, and as a friend pointed out, there wasn’t even a fan of extractor and no window. The toilet also has two drain options – it’s up to you to figure it out.

Then there was the supply of tissues, or lack of it. In North American hotels there are usually fabrics in the room and in the bathroom, not so much on the other side of the pond. If you’re traveling, bring your own!

The nicest difference I found was that there was an umbrella assigned to each room, right in the closet. The note on it said she was agreed to use it on her living room, but to leave it in the room when you left. I’ve never seen him in a North American hotel before!

It was a beautiful hotel, in a large area in a typical European city tower. The trip was wonderful, the beds are comfortable and the small differences sweet. Even the staff was as helpful as I could be.